Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow Day

Hurray for the first real snow of the year! Hubbs has the day off, since you can't really landscape a cemetery in the snow. Not sure what we're going to get up to today, but hopefully some hijinks.

Our dog, Gibbs, is a HUGE fan of the snow. I'm pretty sure peeing in the snow is his favorite thing in the whole world. It's hilarious to watch him prance around in it and get his little grinch-like paws all snow-covered.

Hubbs came home from his advisor meeting with my Christmas present all wrapped up and then hid it somewhere in our apartment. I guess I better get cracking on his present then. He wants a Seahawks beanie to keep him warm at work, so I think I'll get him that and a little something extra as well.

Tomorrow is my 28-week check-up as well as my 2nd RhoGAM shot and my 2nd 1-hour glucose test. Hurray for being special and having to do things multiple times... grr. Hopefully this time goes just as well because I really don't want to have to deal with the dreaded gestational diabeetus.

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