Tuesday, December 10, 2013

29 Week Belly Update

From the one picture, I'd actually deluded myself into thinking my belly was smaller than in previous weeks' pictures. Nope... definitely not. It is getting pretty big. I'm hoping that since I have such a long torso that maybe it won't get too much bigger. Everyone keeps telling me that I "look great" though, so that's nice. I do think it helps that I'm still down 15lbs from before I was pregnant.

I'm probably spending more time than I should lounging around the house and napping. I'm going to justify it by saying that in 2 months, I'm not going to get any relaxing or sleep time, so I should stock up now. It is officially "pamper mommy time" up in this house.

I did get Hubbs' Christmas shopping mostly done. All that's left now are the little stocking stuffers that Santa will bring. Gibbs' present from Santa Paws came today, delivered by Santa's helpers at Amazon, so we'll just have to hide it from him until the big day.

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