Friday, December 23, 2011

Anti-social Bloated Weirdo.

So there was this family party tonight. We got there around 6, but then i had to leave to go pick up our dog from the vet (more on that later) I got back around 7. Stayed till 8:30 and then left right after that. I left Hubbs at the party. He's still there. lol. I don't know what it is... i really think i do just hate having to pretend like everything is alright. It makes me so tired. Neither of our parents know about our fertility struggles, and i, quite frankly, don't feel like sharing that part of our lives with them. My parents will just yell at me for being a fatty and i have no idea what Hubbs' parents would say. They are such nice people, but i just feel so awkward around them. Maybe cause his mom was all judgmental about the fact that we snuggled in the same bed before we were married. OH THE HORROR. snuggling is so evil and leads to babies... oh wait... lol.

So Gibbs (my little service doggie) we acting kind of weird yesterday, not eating, he was all lethargic, randomly yelped in pain when no one was anywhere near him, and moping around in his kennel. So we took him to the vet and it turns out he had an exposed root in his mouth and then a tooth with an exposed root as well, which had to be extracted. Poor little guy. We got him from a shelter and have trained him ourselves to be my little buddy through everything. But when we got him, he had like, 8 teeth. Most had to be extracted cause when he was a stray they got abscessed and super super infected. Poor little guy isn't going to have any teeth left pretty soon and he's only 3! (or 4, the shelter/my vet isn't really sure lol) I love that little guy though. I love how much Hubbs loves him too. I know originally Hubbs just let me get him so i would shut up about getting a dog (i'd been asking for a year) but now he freaking LOVES that dog. They always cuddle on the couch in the morning and play fetch for hours. It's completely adorable.

My youngest nephew is in town with Hubbs' parents. I've noticed that the way they talk to him is pretty much exactly like the way we talk to Gibbs. Like we say "quiet" to Gibbs when he barks, when nephew #3 screams endlessly, they say "speak softly". Also a lot of "NO!" and other such things... maybe having a dog really does prepare you for having kids. lol.

Tomorrow is the big christmas part up at Hubbs' grand-uncle's house. The food there is awesome, but i am scared about being around so many new people and the potential for being around a lot of babies all night. I'm also slightly nervous about the talent portion of the party... yes... there is a talent show portion at the end. Every family does a little talent thing. We're all singing a christmas song together. i had never heard of it before we practiced it today. So me, Hubbs, Hubbs' parents, eldest sister and her husband, and other sister and her husband, and youngest sister will all be singing a song together. I'm sad to leave Gibbs alone. He will not be invited to the party. I say if babies are allowed, he should be allowed. But i don't really know the grand-uncle that well and i would feel super awkward asking.

I've been taking mucinex to try to help with the CM because apparently, clomid can cause hostile CM, seems counterproductive but ok. lol. Hopefully it works out ok. I'm still nervous about this cycle and feeling kind of crampy. Also, i think i'm super bloated, even the pants i wear when i'm feeling fat are kinda tight. I mean they fit fine when i was standing up, but when i sat down, there was some definite pain. totally weird.

Funny story, so when i told Hubbs that my ovaries hurt, he was like "can we call them something else? when you said 'ovaries' my brain kind of shut off and i didn't hear what you said" and i was like "ok.. um... my egg cartons hurt?" and then we laughed and it was hilarious. So my ovaries shall henceforth forever be referred to as "egg cartons".

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