Monday, December 19, 2011

Clomid Day 2

So far i haven't noticed any weird side effects since i've started the clomid. Maybe a few twinges of pain in the area of Righty, but that could just be the veins of doom.
Even though i don't have to start taking my BBT till friday, but i think i'm going to get in the habit of it starting tomorrow. I took it today, but apparently you should take it around the same time every day so it is consistent. I have to start training myself to wake up at 6am every day once school starts in 3 weeks, so i guess i'll just start doing it now. I'm sure right afterwards i'll just fall right back asleep, but you know, it's the thought that counts or something!
Hubbs' whole family is coming in this week for the holidays. It'll be nice cause we haven't seen them in a while. Tomorrow we're driving up for Hubbs' grandmother's 80-somethingth birthday bash. Should be a whole lot of fun, even if on the way back we're essentially playing the role of a taxi and shuttling them to their lodgings with their luggage. I mean i'm not bitter...

So we took a mini-vacation to go visit my parents before the holidays and school starts and stuff. It was kind of nice... Until Hubbs and i got into a HUGE fight. I guess it's a good thing we got the first official fight out of the way. He just randomly freaked out at me for spending money and then got all down on himself because he thinks my family thinks he isn't good enough for me. It was supremely unpleasant and it completely ruined our fun night out. After we got home we talked it all over and he apologized for freaking out for no reason, and i apologized for being a spendy whore (which to be fair, i'm not) It was weird. He later explained that every time we go there, he just feels reminded of how he's not doing enough to support us and feels like a bum. I wasn't gonna say it... but he really is. I go off and work, and get everything ready for school and cook and clean and what does he do? Sits on his butt and play video games all night after sleeping in till 2pm every day. In other news, with school starting very very soon, he missed the residency application deadline. So now it's looking like he'll be starting in summer session since everyone gets resident tuition over the summer, and then will work this semester to support me whilst i'm in school. We'll see if that pans out.
On the car ride back we started discussing potential names for our non-existent children. It was nice to know there are some we do agree on and some we both seriously hate. Interestingly enough we do have a few comic book/video game inspired ones. lol.

Right now there's 3 more days of clomid followed by timed intercourse and BBT tracking. I'm hoping so badly that we get really lucky. I know the chances aren't that great, like 20% or something... but we just want it so bad. It'll be hard not to get our hopes up. I think i'll take the "PTPO" approach. lol. Pregnant Till Proven Otherwise. I like it. Wish us luck!

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