Thursday, December 22, 2011

BBT and Last Day of Clomid

So i've been tracking my BBT for the last 3 days like a good girl. lol. Now i have to take it every day for the next 11 days. Over the next 11 days there will also be a crazy amount of funtime. wooohoo funtime. I am however slightly worried that i won't actually ovulate and next month they'll have to bump up the clomid dose... but i suppose i shouldn't worry about things at this point, just go with the flow and have some funsies.
Hubbs's family is in town with our youngest nephew. Being around babies is super hard for me, and having that kid everywhere is really starting to tax me. I'm pretty sure i'm acting like a raging b*tch around his family and Hubbs has definitely noticed that i've been less pleasant lately. More silent and just chilling in the background. The kid is cute, i won't deny that. But holy crap, the lungs on that little monster are ridonkulous. Like for serious. I'm pretty sure i went deaf for a little bit after hearing him scream for 20 mins straight on the drive back from that birthday party we went to.
Wish us luck people! 20% chance is far better than a 0% chance. gogo babies!
Everyone have a happy/merry/whatever and great rest of the year with your family and friends.

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