Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Next Step.

Had a followup with my doctor yesterday. Pretty much the next step is Clomid. He also suggested having Hubbs' swimmers tested, which without insurance is gonna be $106. Hubbs for some reason does not want to do this until we have a bit more money. This month we have an extra $750 to spend on whatever the heck we want, and he doesn't want to get tested. I'm sure it's just some sort of dude thing, and maybe he doesn't want to risk knowing that there's something wrong with him too, since he's seen how much it messes me up knowing there's something wrong with me. I don't know, he pretty much just stressed the financial issue of it, and i suppose i'll leave it there for now. He did say however, that in 3 weeks, once he knows if he has this other job or not, that he will willingly go get tested.

I can't figure out why he is so interested in being a dishwasher. I mean sure the job is at this awesome resort and it would be cool... but he would rather wash dishes than do something more constructive, like teach english!?!?! (that's the job he has now, teaching english online to people overseas) Whatever, he can do what will make him happy and i am not one to stand in the way of that i suppose.

Anyways. I have a followup ultrasound next wednesday to make sure the cyst on Lefty has gone away... and if it has....Hubbs said we can try a Clomid cycle! I am super super excited. Whilst (whilst is a great word, people should use it more often) i'm excited for the possibility of starting a cycle, it seems like such a waste to do it without knowing 100% that the Hubbs contribution would be viable. At the same time though, i like the slight glimmer of hope, this endless world of possibility where just maybe we'll be one of the lucky couples that gets pregnant on the first Clomid cycle try. I doubt it... but that tiny shred of hope is something i haven't felt in quite a while. So here's to hoping the ultrasound is clear!

Hubbs and i also discussed the whole adoption thing. While we still have months and months to think about it, he was getting way into it. Asking if we could specify age and race. He seems rather adamant about adopting a child that is a different race from us, i have no problem with that. We're also trying to establish an acceptable age range. He was all for the idea of skipping out on the newborns and going for the toddler range. This is a good call in several ways. Not only would we miss out on like, 2 years of diapers, but also, we could in theory, have a child placed with us sooner because older children are in less demand. Which i think is so sad. Every child deserves a home where they will be loved. So that's something for us to look forward to as well. Getting on the adoption list! wooo! Sure we have until august to wait, but that really doesn't seem like that long with my bright-eyed and optimistic outlook.

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