Thursday, December 1, 2011

Moar Preggers Peeps

So my college buddy's wife had their second baby 2 days ago. His cousin, my other college buddy, announced that his wife is preggers. GRRRR everyone is fricking pregnant!!I'd actually had a dream a few weeks ago that she was pregnant, but didn't bother telling him my suspicions. They only got married in June. Grumble grumble. Stupid fertile people and their ability to pop out babies like rabbits.

In other news, i spent tuesday night sobbing my eyes out to our church leader explaining the whole "babies make me so sad" thing. Hubbs and i have decided that maybe if we sit in the front row from now on, then i won't have to see babies and therefore won't cry. Seems like an interesting idea, one which i am eager to try out on sunday. Cause if that doesn't work, we're gonna have to switch buildings, which would just be annoying.

Anyways. Our little furbaby Gibbs was kinda sickly yesterday, wouldn't really eat much and seemed sapped of energy. It took him 2 tries to try to jump up on things, normally he's a regular jackrabbit when it comes to jumping on stuff. He seems a little better today though, which is good.

Tomorrow i'm off to see the doctor about starting clomid and probably scheduling an ultrasound so we can make sure Lefty is no longer a giant ball of nastiness. There's definitely been less pain lately, which i'm sure is a good sign. But i'll be sure to overshare with you and let you know how everything goes.

I just feel like i've been an emotional wreck lately. So hard to get my emotions under control. I really don't want to have to go on anti-depressants again, i really don't feel like they helped all that much, maybe there's some other thing i can go on instead. Like a mood stabilizer, i'm sure that's what anti-depressants are for... but i dunno, i guess i'll just wait to see what he tells me. I'm super psyched that my copay is way less than it was. New insurance is awesome. Curious to see how much they actually cover when it comes to IF treatment... in fact, i should probably look that up.

The holidays are quickly approaching. Hubbs and i are excited because we get a cashback bonus for buying our car and one for renewing our lease, so in total we have $750 extra to play with. I'm sure most of it will wind up going towards fertility treatments... but there's also a chance that i'll be getting a brand new Nook Tablet!!!! I am so incredibly excited for this i cannot even begin to tell you!!

I also saw the absolutely cutest idea for an advent calendar, which i cannot wait to start up once the Hubbs and i have kiddies. the Christmas Book Advent Calendar. So you wrap up 25 christmas themed books and each night, you unwrap one and read them with the kids! Sounds like so much fun! and you can wrap them up all adorably and stuffs. Heck, i want to do it right now even though we don't have any kids!

Another thing that has been on Hubbs and my minds lately is the whole adoption thing. I, as an adopted child, have always wanted to give that same opportunity to another child regardless of whether or not i could have kids of my own. In August, Hubbs and i will be able to get on the adoption list. We are super excited about it, but have to make some tough decisions, like what ages we're willing to adopt. I know the list for newborns is crazy long, and honestly, it might be nice to skip the whole diaper stage. lol. So that's something that we'll be thinking about over the next several months. We're not at all picky about race or sex, but age definitely is something that we kind of had forgotten to think about. I would be hesitant to adopt a child older than 4, but i don't know. Luckily we have lots of time to worry about and discuss it.

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