Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crampy, Icky, and Ouchy.

So i've been having cramps for the last few days. Seem to be primarily in the region of Righty. I've been feeling rather nauseated and icky lately, so i refilled my prescription for omeprazole. To top it all off my boobs are really sore.
I know what you're going to say... "maybe you're pregnant" and i will go "hahahahahaha" and then fall over and die laughing. They cycle is due any day now. Specifically tuesday, assuming this month actually decides to stick to a 40 day cycle and not a 46 or 60 day one like i've had in the past.
In other news, Hubbs and i are going to Vegas on wednesday. Gonna do a little pre-christmas visit with the family. We're spending actual christmas where we live because Hubbs' parents are flying into town. We're looking forward to that because i think we haven't seen them in... um.. hrmm... maybe since i have no idea, it's been a while though.
So wish me luck at my doctor's appointment on tuesday, here's to hoping the ultrasound was clear and that we can start the clomid this cycle. Fingers crossed.

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