Thursday, December 29, 2011

BBT Spike? Maybe?

So when i started taking my BBT, i started down my the 96's, then hopped up to the low 97's, but now, i'm consistently in the high 97's, so what does it mean?!!? On day 14 i noticed my highest temp so far, a whopping 97.9, so i guess i need to wait and see if that was just a weird day or if that was in fact the post-ovulation spike that everyone talks about. I can just wait and see when the good old period starts and count 14 days back i suppose. lol.
In other news, next week is my blood draw to see if i did in fact ovulate. Here's to hoping that goes well. I'm still on the PTPO mentality, which i like. Optimism is fun, especially when there have been so many months of doubt and fear and everything unpleasant associated with the land of IF.
Looking forward to New Years, Hubbs and i have no plans whatsoever, but none the less, should be a fun time. Maybe this year we'll actually stay up past 9pm. rofl.

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