Sunday, January 1, 2012

2 days

So it's looking like there are only like, 2 more days before i'm supposed to get my blood draw, and if there's no BBT spike by day 21 (which will also be in 2 days) and my progesterone level is less than 10 at the draw, then this cycle will be a bust. That makes me a sad panda. I mean there was kind of a spike, but today, it dipped all the way back down to 97. Pretty sure unless tomorrow shows like, a 98, there's no hope for this cycle. Maybe all of the symptoms i have are just weird side effects from the Clomid and have nothing to do with ovulation. grumble grumble.

Also, when i've been taking my prenatals every day, i keep gagging. Getting those things down is not getting any easier. I think a majority of it is the smell. Like seriously, they stink horribly. I saw an add somewhere for gummy prenatals. If they don't taste like crap, they might be worth a shot.

New Years was a relaxed night. We stayed in and got pizza, popped some sparkling apple cider and marathoned Burn Notice on netflix. Around midnight-ish we toasted the new year. Good times.

Trying not to fall into a pit of despair and hopelessness. I know we can't know for sure until the blood draw. But this sucks. I just don't get how if i'm normally on a 46-ish day cycle, that clomid is magically supposed to make my body conform to a average 28 days like normal people.

I've been feeling really nauseated lately too. apparently that's a side effect that only 2% of people get. awesome. Hurray for me being rare. Like how ambien makes me hallucinate and not fall asleep. Clearly i am broken. Not sure if that's only supposed to be while you're taking it, or if you can have side effects after you're done taking it too. All questions for the doctor i guess.

I shall resist the urge to lay around in bed all day and mope. after all, it's a new year, and i should try to start it off with a positive attitude.

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