Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blood Results Tomorrow.

So this week has been a wonderful distraction, school has definitely been keeping me busy. The first week is always so exciting and fun. Finding all your classes and feeling all bright and optimistic about the semester. lol.

I realized that it had been a week since i good my blood draw to check the progesterone levels. Technically they are in but "the doctor hasn't reviewed them yet. i'll make sure he calls you tomorrow" blah blah. At this point i am seriously doubting that the cycle worked and serously doubting even more that there is a chance that i am pregnant. Hubbs likes to keep my spirits up and say "you don't know that! you could be!" and then that makes me feel a bit better.

Although one thing about the first week of school is that i realized if i do get pregnant, i'm never going to fit into the seats. I can barely squeeze my fat ass into those things as it is now, no way i can do that growing a human (or two or three, lol) Oh well. I do have a PE class which apparently requires 2-3 days outside of class doing some sort of physical activity. Apparently hauling my butt clear across campus in 15 mins between classes doesn't count. What do they know?! lol. That and taking a PE class again makes me feel like a teenager again... especially when i skipped gym and almost had to repeat my senior year... but that's a whole 'nother can of worms or whatever the phrase is.

I have class tomorrow from 12-12:50 and again from 3-3:50, i'm seriously hoping nice doctor calls before then, or maybe after, cause i'll be swirling in a pit of despair.

Also, technically, i have a funeral to go to tomorrow. I don't really know the girl, she went to my church. I was supposed to meet with her monthly and just chat and see how she was doing, but i was selfishly very busy with my lack of ability to make a baby, starting school, and working that i hardly even had time to go to church at all. She killed herself last week, leaving behind a husband and i'm sure parents, maybe grandparents. I feel badly because i wasn't able to be there for her, but sometimes, even with all of the support in the world, people still don't see any other way out. I am certain that where she is now, she has no more worry or pain and is happy. Hubbs and i are debating whether or not we should go. I've warned my professors that i did have the funeral just in case we decide to go. Either way, i'm sure her family would appreciate any prayers or good thoughts to be sent their way.

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