Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resisting the Urge to Test.

MUST RESIST. I plugged in my chart info on fertilityfriend and they seem to think that i ovulated on the 24th, making today 12dpo. I have resolved that i will not bother to home test until i get the results of the blood test from yesterday. But man is it hard. I've been puttering around the two week wait forums and i sure do seem to have a lot of the symptoms that other people did very very early on. The horrible horrible waiting. I feel completely out of control with this whole thing. The crippling nausea and incredible sleepiness. We went to bed at 9 last night, i woke up around 7:30 to take my BBT and even though it's early afternoon now, i just want to sleep some more.

I am still good though, i take my metformin every day, twice a day, i take my horrible tasting prenatals every day even though i now have to plug my nose and try to swallow them without gagging. I also keep thinking i smell this rotten egg smell somewhere in our apartment.

I really need some sort of hobby to distract me while i'm waiting here. With $5 in our bank account currently until student loans and our bonus check comes in that won't be possible.

That pregnancy test is sitting under my sink right now as i type, calling to me like a horrible siren from the depth luring me to my doom.

Well now i'm so hungry to the point of nausea. I hate that feeling, not being able to tell whether you're starving or gonna puke. Good times. Perhaps i shall have some lunch and take a really long nap.

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