Monday, January 2, 2012


So tomorrow i'm going to the doctor for my blood draw to check my progesterone levels. I swear i did kinda see that BBT spike, but who knows, maybe it wasn't enough. Maybe my BBT wasn't high enough for long enough. Maybe everything i've been feeling has all been due to my imagination.
I am a complete ball of nerves about the whole thing. For serious. At least today i felt a little less nauseated than the last week. lol. I was actually able to eat 3 meals today without feeling like i was going to hurl. yay me.
In other news i do have this terrible pain in my lower right abdomen that i really hope goes away soon.
School is starting next week. I am incredibly excited and nervous and just looking forward to starting over. I have an appointment tomorrow with the accessibility services people to check and see where/if i'll be able to bring my little service dog on campus. Hoping yes, but we'll see. They want me to sign a waver stating that they can discuss my issues openly with my doctor, and i am completely uncomfortable with that. I am definitely not giving in on that part. No way. Everything i've read from the ADA indicates that you do not ever have to be specific about your disability if you don't want to.

No matter what happens i will try my very best to keep up a positive attitude and hope for the best.
Fingers crossed.

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