Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And cycle #1 is a big fat fail.

Got the blood tests back. Apparently my progesterone levels weren't high enough to indicate that the clomid worked. Apparently though it's supposed to keep my cycle the same length, and since my cycle is crazy long, why would they think i would ovulate before day 21 on a 40 day cycle? makes no sense to me.

I'm not sure if we're gonna take a break now or what. I haven't told Hubbs yet, he's still sleeping. I know he definitely wasn't a fan of the crazy amount of sex we had.
I just feel super crappy about it all now and would like to curl up into a ball and cry. Maybe i'll skip both the funeral and my 2 classes today.

The doctor wants to bump up the clomid to 100mg for the next cycle. I guess we can still go ahead and try with it cause it would be nice to know if it works at all. Doc says after 3 months of clomid though, then he refers to an RE. So 2 more months to hope that we get lucky.

So bummed. I really had been feeling so many symptoms, maybe it was just all my brain seriously hoping that it worked. There's no more ice cream in the house and we have no money. Supposedly it can take up to 3 days for my student loan refund to post to our account. Then i'll be able to buy shiny things like my books. Hubbs and i are going to go out to red lobster once the refund posts to celebrate the official start the next part of our lives.

I was wishing for this so badly, i seriously hoped so much against all hope that it would word and we'd be lucky enough to have a little munchkin of our very own.

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