Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can You Die From Cramps?

I know you can't. That would be ridiculous. However, It seriously feels like i'm going to. This is like the period from hell. It hurts so incredibly bad. It's like when i first went on Depo in college and when i got my period then i spent 3 days curled in the fetal position whimpering with pain. I'm sorely tempted to do that again... but i have school, school that i would actually like to do well in this time around.

In other news, i get to start clomid in 2 days. Here's to hoping 100mg is the kicker. With the whole insurance issue at the moment, we wouldn't be able to go to the RE that we'd get referred to. Doc said one try at 100mg and if that doesn't make me ovulate, it's off to the RE.

Clomid did seem to shorten my cycle though. My cycle is usually between 36-40 days. This time it was only 34 days. Maybe that's be just being hopeful. But you know, hope is a good thing to cling to at a time like this.

In better, bright news, there's only 6.5 more months until we can get the adoption process rolling. The agency we're going through requires that you be married for 2 years before you can be put on the list. We're looking forward to starting that chapter. We know it could be several years before we actually get lucky enough to have a child placed with us. We're hoping that our desire for a non-newborn will help bump that up a little bit. So that's another hopeful thing to look forward to.

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