Monday, January 30, 2012

Temps and Taxes

My BBT so far seems to be a little more consistent this cycle. Every day kind of hovering around the 97.5 range. I'mma take this as a good thing, cause last cycle was all, high, LOW, slightly higher, bippity boppity boo. So anyway, this is what we're looking at so far.

The other website i use is looking like this. The temps here look a little more erratic because the temp scale is 1 degree instead of 2 (like the above chart).

So right now i'm leaning towards optimism. Definitely looking better when compared to last month.

I'm also apparently doing my OPK's right. Some websites say to test later in the day to get a better result, but i read my brand's instruction sheet thing and it definitely says to use FMU. So i'mma keep waking up at the same time every day, taking my BBT and peeing in a cup right after that. lol.

In other news, i am crazy tired today. Woke up earlier than usual after going to bed around 1am. Was running around school for about 10 hours today. Now i am super super sleepy, but i have to stay up for another hour and a half because Hubbs and i have to have to get to baby-making. Not to mention i'm still kind of emotionally drained from the meds and crying yesterday. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day. A day where we get to file our taxes!!! I'm so unnaturally excited to file. We should get a big fat refund this year, and that makes me happy, cause that means we'll have the extra money for health insurance!!! YAY! That means we'll get to go to the RE after all! VERY GOOD NEWS!

I bought the tickets today for the Valentine's Ball. I am so looking forward to a night of dinner, dancing, and feeling like a princess. Every girl needs to feel like a princess every once in a while. Especially when most of the time, you feel like a fat, bloated, beached whale that somehow manages to devour everything in sight. I have 3 dress options. One being my wedding dress. Curious to see if i still fit in it, even though we got married less than 2 years ago. Maybe i'll go try them on now! We'll see. It should be a fun night though.

We are also very excited for the Super Bowl on sunday. We've picked our wing place, gonna get there like, an hour before the game starts, and just hang out all dang day! lol. Both of us really hate the Patriots so we're sincerely hoping they get their asses whooped. I'm mostly in it just for the commercials, but i wind up getting riled up anyway and yelling at the screen.

So what about you lovely readers? Any fabulous Super Bowl or Valentine's plans?

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