Saturday, January 7, 2012


I caved, i tested. BFN. Just like a feared it would be. There's the tiniest possibility that maybe i tested too early, but for the most part, i'm just thinking that this whole cycle was a bust and the clomid didn't even work and my body is completely useless at trying to produce a child.

Fleeting thoughts i hope. I still have to wait for the blood test results to see if the clomid actually worked. Cause if it did, that's good news and then we just have to hope that next cycle one of Hubbs' little swimmers does it's job.

I had so many symptoms though, and really thought that maybe this would be it. I'll try not to completely dash my hopes until the doctor's office calls, but until then, it's hard not to think negatively. Maybe then i'll be pleasantly surprised if it turns out it did work. Better to have the results raise your hopes than dash them.

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