Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seeking Hope

So i did some research today after i got off the phone with the doctor and a few big questions/points popped into my head.

If clomid doesn't shorten your cycle (in fact can even lengthen it) and my cycle is an average of 40 days. Then why am i doing blood draws on day 21? when on any given cycle, i would actually ovulate around day 26. According to what i've read, progesterone should be drawn at 7 days dpo, which for me, would be a whopping day 33. So that's confusing.

So here i have this teeny tiny glimmer of hope.

My chart looks like this so far.

However on another site, my chart looks more like this, which isn't showing an indication of ovulation yet.
Could it be that i did ovulate on day 24? I guess i just have a short week and a little bit to find out. I have resolved that i will cling to this tiny little shred of hope and not give in to the urge to fall into a swirly pit of despair just yet.

I spent a lot of time today. A LOT. Looking over BBT charts and trying to glean some sort of indication that maybe just maybe there is some hope for me. Also looking over the differences between taking clomid on days 3-7 vs days 5-9. The general consensus seems to be that days 3-7 produce more eggs but maybe at lesser quality, while days 5-0 produce fewer eggs but at a higher quality. Interesting.

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