Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello readers! Apparently there are a few people actually reading this thing! Who knew!?! Even if you are just spambots or something, i would love comments. You can tell me how much i suck at blogging and babymaking or you can give me some nice words of encouragement or sympathy.

Anyways, apparently my health insurance got cancelled for non-payment. UM WTF?!?! I never received a single notice that i had missed a payment or that i needed to pay anything for that matter. Of course their customer service offices are closed on the weekends so i have to wait till monday to call. Did i mention i have a doctor's appointment monday? Awesome. I'll just pretend i still have insurance, get the $10 copay and rip Cigna a new one when i call after my appointment. I'm going in cause i think i have a UTI. Fun stuff. And also, i want to beg for another Progesterone blood test. Everything i've read indicates you should get tested 7DPO which according to both fancy new BBT charts was near CD25. I am not above begging. That and my doctor is pretty awesome, i'm sure he'll do it just for giggles anyway and to get me off his back. Also i'm gonna bring in my BBT chart and have a trained eye look at it. So i'm not obsessing and going "omg is that an implantation dip" and "where the f*ck is my coverline?" and "omg my temp is still elevated i'm totally preggers!" seriously, it is not healthy. I'm like a crazy person with my chart.

I picked up some gummy prenatal vitamins today because i seriously cannot stand the taste of the ones from costco anymore. First off, they smell like ass. Secondly, if you even touch one with your bare hands, the stink remains on them for the whole day no matter how many times you wash them. I've resorted to pouring the pill onto the inside of the cap and then holding my nose and shoving it in my mouth whilst drinking a beverage. Thirdly, even after you take all those steps to avoid the stink, your burps still taste of horribleness. I do not want to have to taste nastiness the whole freaking day.

I've started school. Managed to survive the first week. YAY ME! Funny story, i have a PE class. A GYM CLASS... IN COLLEGE! Pure madness. Anyways, on friday we have to complete a 1.5mi walk/run/crawl/whatever, do pushups, situps, get our body fat % measured. In other words, i am going to die and then be horrible humiliated all at the same time. I'm pretty sure last time they measured my body fat it was like 50%, it HAS to have gone up. It is going to be awful. But at least i can take heart in the fact that this will probably be the last time i'm humiliated by my body. I have resolved to trick myself into getting this class to turn me into a gym rat. I am gonna work like crazy. This could just be the motivation i've needed to get the ball rolling on fitness. We'll see how long this optimism lasts... kinda hoping it's for a while.

In other news, my bewbs are super sore. Have been since yesterday. I'm hoping it is some sort of good sign and not just that i slept on them weird or something.

Have i mentioned that i have the best husband in the world? Our student loan money finally came in. I bought all of my books and other such fun things. But hubbs surprised me with the best day ever. We went to dinner at Red Lobster. I had a delicious steamed whole lobster. Completely made my year. THEN! We went to Barnes & Noble and he bought me a new Nook Tablet!! I have been wanting one of these for months and finally it is all mine!!! I am very very pleased with it and am so grateful to have a husband willing to do just about anything to make me happy. He is the best. Sometimes i forget to give him credit where credit is due. I mean sure he forgets to empty the dishwasher and to meet college deadlines and to e-mail his boss to pick up hours at work... but there are also moments where he absolutely shines and makes me world 1000x better. I love that man so much, more and more each day. Especially when he tolerates me being in a completely b*tchy mood from talking to incompetent customer service reps on the phone for an hour.

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  1. Hope you get the insurance thing figured out!! And woohoo on the Nook tablet....they look AWESOME!!!