Sunday, January 15, 2012


Ok that post title was mean. lol. We aren't quite lucky enough to be pregnant, but we did in fact, stick to a resolution/plan/idea/whatever you wanna call it.

After Hubbs was finished watching the Broncos get their asses whooped, i was like "hey, want to go to the gym?" and shockingly, he said yes. So down we went with our bright eyes and bushy tails. We actually wound up renting some racquetball equipment and played for an hour. First off let me say that i am totally awesome at this game, and secondly, that i freaking LOVE IT! It's such a good workout and you're sweating and grunting and running around like a crack-addicted dog trying to catch a constantly moving ball. Super super fun. I'm even thinking about joining the racquetball club at school cause it was just that fun.

After that i said "alright, that was a good warm-up, now let's go to the gym" Hubbs look like he wanted to kill me and it was super funny. I hopped on the elliptical a Hubbs opted for the stationary bike. I promptly hopped off the elliptical and jumped onto the treadmill cause i thought my legs were gonna fall off. I also decided walking would be better since i need to finish 1.5 miles on friday anyway. So i did .5mi at a rather brisk pace and called it good for now. Hubbs and i have decided that we will go work out a minimum of 3x a week, whether that mean playing racquetball or weight training or cardio, WE WILL GO! Also, interesting tidbit, Hubbs can do pullups, it's super sexy. lol.

So naturally today, you can assume that we are both super sore, and you would be right. I love forgetting about muscles and then have them scream that they hate me the day after working out. Good times.

I peed on a stick again last night just for fun. Obviously it was a BFN, but that's ok. According to my obnoxious ticker down there is says to wait 7 more days anyway. But my bewbs just hurt so darn much!! Seriously painful to the touch now. Oh well, at least i'm seeing the doctor on monday. Maybe i can finagle my way into getting a Beta done so my brain can stop clinging to the hope that i actually am pregnant. I even picked up my next round of Clomid because i know, deep down, that there is NO WAY that i am. But HPTs were on sale at the walgreens when i was getting my clomid and metformin. So i got three 3packs for $9. So we're all stocked up for at least the next 2 cycles. Since you know, after 2 more cycles we get referred to an RE.

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