Sunday, January 22, 2012

Apologies Are Awesome

Hubbs came home after church to find me curled in a tiny ball of sadness in bed. He came in and comforted me and apologized for being a huge jerk. He told me that he was sorry for being insensitive and for expecting me to be in the same place he is. Told me to take as long as i need to deal with this and that he will make a better effort to understand my feelings. That the minute he left the house he realized that what he was asking of me was unfair and insensitive.

He really is such a very sweet man. He did his best to make me laugh, which is something he's always good at doing no matter how sad i am. At one point i cried a little more and he just held me. Which was exactly what i needed. I expressed my fears about not being able to afford the RE referral and how i want so badly for this cycle to work.

He told me he loved me and that no matter how long it takes, he'll be with me and support me through it all. Even if it's years and years. He reminded me that i'm still young and that we have plenty of time. He told me that he is certain that when the time is right, we'll have our little miracle and that i will be an amazing mother.

I really do love the heck out of that man and have no idea what i would do without him. I really should do more to remember that even though we're currently unlucky in the baby department, we are extremely lucky in the love department.

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