Monday, January 16, 2012

Hopeless Cycle

Just got back from the doctor's office. It's official, this cycle is completely hopeless. That's ok though. Now i can move on.

Also, apparently, i have a UTI, which is awesome on top of my constant cramping, pelvic pain from having bad veins, and super sore boobs. I am a complete mess.

In other news, the doctor said that he's just gonna try one more round of clomid with me, and then if we don't see temps or progesterone indicate ovulation, then he's gonna refer me to an RE. Here's to hoping the 100mg works? Even so though, my doctor only does 3 rounds of clomid before referring, so more than likely, come march, we'll be seeing an RE.

The insurance company's customer service is closed today also. darnit, how the heck am i supposed to get all of this worked out if i can't flipping call them?

Hubbs and i hare supposed to go work out today, but man oh man do i feel crummy. Feels like i'm swirling around the outside edge of the pit of despair and trying really hard not to fall in. We are going to costco though, so maybe i can drown myself in a mountain of their gelato, that stuff is amazingly delicious and you get a HUGE 3 scoop cone for like $1.50. Those people make miracles.

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