Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When Plans Go Awry.

So we were all set to go babysit. I was gonna drop off Hubbs then head to my appointment on campus then to the doctor for my blood draw. Then our car died. The power steering went out, battery and brake lights came on. Good times.
Apparently there was some sort of problem with the belt and the thingy that holds the belt, or turns the belt, i don't really know. But we bought the car 1 MONTH AGO. I got the dealer to pay 1/2 of the repair costs because that is freaking ridiculous.
In other news, my little service doggie, in addition to not having many teeth, also has epilepsy. He had a seizure a few months ago, and then one again yesterday. It was so sad trying to see him walk after, it was like all of this paws fell asleep and he was trying so hard to move. We still love that little guy a whole bunch. He's our scruffy little fur baby and that's the way it is. lol.

So today *hopefully* i can pick up the car and go get my blood draw. I've noticed that the last few days my BBT has been a teeny bit elevated. Certainly doesn't seem like it's jumping around as much. I'll try to put less stock in it though until the results of the blood draw. It was funny, we were crossing the street with our nephew coming back from the park, i hopped into the sidewalk to stop traffic. I was like "this is genius, this is a good plan" and he said "yep, no one wants to hit a pregnant woman" I got all defensive and was like "what?!?! i'm not pregnant, are you saying i look like i'm pregnant?!" and he said "for all we know, you could be!" and then i was all hopeful. lol. it was actually kind of nice. I like that he is also super hopeful about the potential little one.
Occasionally we'll just be watching something, or doing something random. Hubbs with say "what do you think about this name?" and we chat about potential baby names for a bit. It's adorable.

We're trying not to get our hopes up, but sometimes it's hard not to. Hopefulness is good.

In other news, after babysitting our 2-year-old nephew for a whole day, Hubbs said "yea, if we have to adopt, i'm totally ok with adopting like, a 3-year-old." and i giggled and agreed. It would definitely be nice to skip the whole diaper/tantrum/MINE/NO phase. lol.

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