Monday, December 12, 2011


So i have done something truly embarrassing, shameful, and sad. I bought a belly band (or some cheap knock off version. I mean my pants fit... kinda. I can button them and stuff, but when i sit down, the top rolls down and adjusting it in public is just humiliating. Sure i could buy new pants... but ALL NEW PANTS!? that is not in the budget right now. Every other part of the pants fit great and make my legs look awesome, but my stupid fat PCOS belly is ruining everything. So i caved and bought the stupid thing so i can wear my pants even though i'm a fatty.

In other news, we discovered that there's a racquetball court at our apartment complex and also a gym. wtf? who knew? we've lived here for like a year and a half now and had no idea. We've decided we're gonna start playing racquetball together and it should be funsies. Hubbs wants to get in shape cause he's thinking about maybe trying to become a cop and obviously i want to get in shape, one cause i'm now too fat for my pants, and two because we wanna have babies.

We head to Vegas on wednesday. I have my Dr's appointment tomorrow to hopefully get my Clomid and definitely get the results of the ultrasound i had last week. The boobs are still pretty sore and i keep feeling twinges of crampy pain around my ovaries. My lower back occasionally goes into bits of hurt as well.

I kept joking with Hubbs that i was gonna bring back my PS2 when we leave Vegas, and my DDR mat. that's right, i have my very own Dance Dance Revolution mat. When i was in high school, all my friends and i played DDR because we were huge nerds. Not only is it a fun game, but it also forces you to actually get up and move. It will totally count as a workout. I still have my Bodybugg too back from when i went to 24 Hour Fitness and actually worked out for like 4-6 hours a day and actually managed to gain weight despite burning far more calories than i ate. I figure i might as well start it up again and try my best to lose weight. I've been hovering around 275 lbs for a long time now. Every study i've read even my nice doctor says losing just 5-10% of my body weight can be incredibly beneficial. Supposedly can even help keep the PCOS under control as well. I could totally lose like 27 lbs. I don't know how long it will take me... but i'm gonna do it. You can be my bloggy witnesses. I'll even post my weight loss/gain for the week too. I like this, i'll be held accountable by the internet. Can't let the internet down! lol.

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