Sunday, November 2, 2014

Baby Names

It's funny, with our first, we couldn't agree on a boy name. We had a girl name picked out that we liked for years before we even started trying to have kids. Ducky turned out to be a girl, so naming was rather easy.

This time around, we're having a bit more trouble. I want to get cracking and really narrow it down to our top choices. Hubbs is like "um, we have months to figure that out. I don't even want to think about it until 2015" BAAAAAH.

Luckily, he hasn't shot down any of the names that I love. I'm trying to convince him that one I like would make a better first name than middle name, but he's really not having it. I just want to settle on one boy name and one girl name. Then, when we find out what we're having, all of the hard work is over.

My first prenatal appointment feels so far away. It would just be so nice to get in there and see that we're actually having a real baby, a wiggling little jumping bean. Alas, waiting and waiting. Symptoms seem fine so far. Occasional nausea, some cramps, and the rare backache. Headaches are few and far between, nowhere near as terrible as last time. I'm trying to remember when morning sickness kicked in last time. I want to say it was much closer to the 2nd trimester and that I was fine before that. We'll just have to wait and see. Since we are planning to have this be our last, I just want to savor the experience and really try to enjoy being pregnant. Last time, it was not as fun, especially towards the end. It'd be nice if things were more relaxed this time.

This whole daylight savings thing messed us up today. Ducky still woke up at her usual time, but now when it feels like it should be super late and time for bed, it's just way too early. Although, I am pregnant, so I can just say to hell with it and go to bed anyway. So tempting. 

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