Monday, November 10, 2014

Time Ticks By

I find myself wishing time would go by faster. I want it to be the 26th, so I can have my second dating ultrasound and hopefully actually see a heartbeat this time. I want it to be the 27th so we can announce to my family that Ducky is going to be a big sister. I want it to be Christmas, because I freaking LOVE Christmas. It's also nice that Hannukkah ends on Christmas Eve this year. Very thrilling when they overlap.

I wish time would slow down! Ducky is growing so fast. She can almost crawl, she can definitely propel herself in the direction she wishes to go. She can pull herself up to stand. She hugs and smiles and thinks it's funny to tug on my ears. In 3 short months we're going to transition her to a toddler bed and make her room a bit Montessori-styled. I want to enjoy these 7-8-ish months with her as an only child and watch her grow and learn and become more independent. She doesn't need Mommy and Daddy all the time anymore. When we get home from work, she manages so stay awake for about an hour before she's just too tuckered out to stay up. Weekends with her are so precious.

We have so many big upcoming plans that we're excited for. Hubbs might join the military. We're planning on refinancing our house. We want to turn the under-stairs storage room into a playroom for Ducky. We want to put grass on a portion of our back patio so Gibbs will actually poop in the backyard.

I guess instead of wishing time would speed up or slow down, I could just enjoy every day. Relish in those Ducky cuddles, remember her lopsided toothy smiles. Kiss Hubbs just because, let Gibbs cuddle on my belly (because he totally knows what's up). Love my little family and our home that we've made for ourselves and just remember to be happy.

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