Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dating Ultrasound

I went to my dating ultrasound today and I'm pretty disappointed. Apparently instead of being 7 weeks along (based on LMP), I'm actually closer to 4.5, the doctor found a gestational sac, but it was really too small to see much. Apparently though it is right on track for how far along he thinks I am. He said with my long and unpredictable cycles that he's really not worried and to come back in 2-3 weeks for another one.

We decided to schedule it 3 weeks from now, right before we leave for Vegas for Thanksgiving. This way, we can be pretty sure that I'll be far enough along to see something, good or bad. It's been a little over a week and a half since I got my BFP, so it must have just been the absolute earliest I could have gotten a positive. He pretty much just said, pretend like you're not pregnant, and don't worry about it. We'll just wait and see in a few weeks. I think this is a good idea. It would be a lot easier if I didn't get RLP every time I stand up from my desk, and random bouts of nausea hit me, but I shall try my best.  I'm going to try to stay positive about it and not think the worst. There was only 1 sac though, so that ruins my fun of thinking our last pregnancy would be twins. Well, it rules out fraternal twins anyway. Fingers crossed for identical!! (So not happening, but it's ok. Two is a fine number of total kids for us)

At work, we found out our insurance is changing in January. Luckily, the OB's office I've chosen takes both. Unfortunately, our deductible will double, and our monthly premium will go up by $100/mo. So that's fun. No one at the office is happy about it, but it's all good, because corporate gave us all coupons for free 16lb turkeys.... that makes it ALL better....

Ducky has her 9-month check-up tomorrow. We're excited to see how much she's grown. She is absolutely growing like a weed! At daycare, we dropped off a new can of formula (the regular can size for powder), and she already needs a new one for tomorrow. She went through a whole can in FOUR DAYS!! That is crazy. She's also rocking the 12-month clothes pretty well, which is shocking. She's skinny, but so tall! She also has a bit of a fever today, I think it's mostly from the 2 new teeth that are coming in. She's got 5 that are mostly out, and 2 more coming in. Poor little thing.

Hubbs and I went to a military recruiter today. We have an active duty friend who came with us and helped with questions. Hubbs is very interested and it seems like an excellent opportunity for him and for our family. We'll make a decision about it within the next few weeks. Hopefully, we could time things so that he'd be finished with basic training just as the baby is going to be born. If he decides to join, of course.

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