Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Game On

Hubbs is exremely excited for World of Warcraft's new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, which launches tonight. He even went to bed at 7:30 so he can wake up at 1am and play for a bit, go back to sleep, and not be a complete zombie at work tomorrow. It's an impressive level of dedication to a video game. If you are unfamiliar with World of Warcraft, see the awesome trailer for the new game below.

Hubbs and I actually met playing World of Warcraft. Different things in our lives brought us to the game, but somehow, among dozens of servers, and 2 different factions, we managed to find each other. I'm always extremely amazed with the random happenstances that had to occur for us to meet.

I like that it's something we can do together and also enjoy separately. There really is something for everyone in the game. Whether you play seriously or just for fun. I actually have an idea for a WoW YouTube series, but I'll actually have to have time to dedicate to it and see if it's as hilarious as I think it will be.

I am a firm believer that the family that plays together, stays together. We also love board games and play both console and table top games often. It gives us a chance to unwind and goof around. Some games are extremely stressful (I'm looking at you Pandemic), but overall, it's very fun. Hubbs and I are both very competitive, so we tend to do better in cooperative games, but it is equally as fun to try to destroy each other every once in a while.

If you're ever looking for some table top game fun, but don't have a table big enough, you can always watch TableTop on Geek & Sundry's YouTube Channel. I absolutely love the show, and our game collection has grown significantly since I started watching.

There's actually a game store near us that will let you test out and rent table top games. It's an awesome way to really take the game for a test drive and see if you like it. Perhaps a store near you also allows rentals.

Some of our go-to games include:

Fluxx (any version)
Forbidden Island

I've been dying to try a few new games including:
Castle Ravenloft (a Dungeons and Dragons game)
Ticket to Ride

We also like the simple stuff like Pass the Pigs, Yahtzee, Phase 10, etc.

We might pick up the WoW trading card game, since Hubbs finally found all of his old cards. I sucked at Magic the Gathering in high school/college, and I'm sure I'll suck at the WoW game too.

We've been neglecting my shiny Halo 3 special edition Xbox 360, it's kind of on the fritz. Halo was a HUUUUUGE part of my life.

How about you? Are there any games that you love to play as a family?

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