Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Getting Drilled (and not in a good way)

I'm cranky because after my trip to the dentist today, and yesterday, my jaw is sore, my mouth hurts, and I have several bruised spots on my gums from where they had to stick me multiple times to get enough local anesthetic in there. Local anesthetic is not my friend, I've always had problems with it, I either need extra shots or they need to wait longer for it to kick in. Most of the time it's both. Lucky me.

Hubbs took half of the day off because his appointment was right before mine. We decided to take a trip to the movies to see Spy. It was surprisingly funny. I knew the reviews were good, but it definitely exceeded my expectations and kept me entertained the whole time. Really that's all I look for in a movie nowadays. I'm so easy to please.

A grief newsletter/magazine thing arrived in the mail today from the hospital. Apparently you're not supposed to make any major life decisions (moving, quitting your job, etc) during the grieving process. I'm going to exclude my applying to college from this list. One because it can only better my future, two because I wouldn't start until January, and three because me getting in is a real long-shot anyway. I'm going to stay on track and go back to work, as well as become a notary. My employer okay-ed it as a side-gig, so I'm going to start that soon. It would be nice if I could stay home with Ducky and just do it in the evenings. Realistically, I'd only have to go out and notarize 2-3 times a week to make as much as I make now (subtracting our daycare costs). Hubbs is on board with this plan but would prefer that I rake in as much money as possible since is job is currently seasonal. Hopefully that too will change in the near future as his workplace expands.

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