Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Preggo Bellies

I didn't think it would hurt to see my friend's pregnant bellies, but it does. It reminds me that I should still be pregnant. I miss my big ol' belly even though it made me extremely uncomfortable and difficult to sleep. Seeing bellies and newborns still gives me a pang of sadness. I'm sure it will for a while.

I took a trip to the craft store today to make our little memorial to Lumpy. It'll be a little while I think before I finish it, but I'm kind of looking forward to starting it. I also picked up a shadow box to display all of our keepsakes and things. It will be nice to have reminders of him out in the open, right now they're all hidden away so Ducky doesn't play with them.

The second half of this post is probably TMI. Oh well, reader beware. 

Today I'm also headed to the dentist to get my first round of cavities filled (the next round is tomorrow) and later getting my legs waxed. Just decided to make it a day of pain. lol. I'm seriously growing a forest on my lower legs and am far too lazy to shave.

I thought I was healing OK from the C-Section and that most of the healing process was over, apparently not. I'd stopped bleeding a week or so ago and was sure it was done. Nope, not done. I'd actually thought I'd gotten my period back, which is crazy talk. The bleeding is pretty bipolar though and seems to only happen sporadically throughout the day. I could do without the cramps as well. It certainly feels like a period, but I'm sure it's just my uterus trying to shrink back down to a normal size. I've only ruined one pair of pajama pants so far though, so that's a victory, right?     

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