Thursday, June 4, 2015

Movie Date with Myself

I took myself out to the movies today to see Pitch Perfect 2. I figured it was a pretty safe movie to see and would help lighten up my mood. It did the trick. I found myself kind of rooting for the "villain" team though. Flula Borg stole the whole movie as far as I'm concerned, that dude needs his own franchise.

People/TV shows/movies/etc like that always make me slightly annoyed with myself. All of these talented people doing awesome things, and I'm mediocre at a few things. I have yet to find the thing that I am amazing at. Every time I had even a remote opportunity to be in a talent show, I was complete at a loss as to what my talent would be. Total lack of talent over here. Before I got pregnant with my son, I'd started hula hooping. Maybe I'll stick with that and get awesome at it. It could happen.


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