Thursday, June 18, 2015


The light fixture in our office has two light-bulbs, one of which is currently burnt out. I would just change it, but since this is our new house, I don't actually know how. This light fixture, I now realize, is a metaphor for our lives right now.

Hubbs is the side with the light-bulb that works. He's glowing and carrying on, and lighting the room for the both of us.

I'm the side with the burnt-out light-bulb. I can't change it myself, I can't just turn it back on. I'm still connected to the wiring, and trying to send the power through, but the filament is broken, and I can't keep on doing what I've always done. I can't make a burnt-out bulb light up, no matter how hard I try.

I need someone to show me how to change the burnt-out bulb so that we can both light the room.


 Side note - bulb is a really weird looking word.

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