Saturday, June 13, 2015

Craft Day

Welcome to Craft Day. I'm trying something new out here today, and might make it a regular thing if it becomes popular, so let me know what you think!

Since everything I plant (but succulents) dies, I decided to make a little succulent project with all of the cuttings I've experimented with growing. I'll post another picture once it's grown and filled in a bit, but here's how I spent my afternoon yesterday.

Step 1 - Get out supplies.  Succulent cuttings, letter planter (from Michael's), garden soil, trowel, wet moss.

 Option Step - I plan on hanging my planter on our door outside, so I screwed in two of these thingies. I'll hang it with twine once the cuttings have securely taken root.

 Step 2 - The wire on the top was stapled down, so I used some pliers to pull up the non-essential ones to fill the planter. I put a layer of gardening soil and filled the rest with moss. I replaced the wire and hammered one staple back in at the top to keep it secure. 

Step 3 - Fill planter with cuttings and make sure the roots are nestled in the moss. 

 Step 5 - This picture is fuzzy and I was too lazy to go back downstairs and take another one. Here's how it looks for now. I'm going to let the cuttings take root and then hang it on the door outside. Hopefully the sun and delightful summer weather help it to grow into a lush and delightful decoration.

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