Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back Home

We had a pleasant long weekend in Vegas. It was great being around the doggies. Nothing cheers me up quite like my adorable 4-year old pekingese curling up and taking a nap on my tummy.

Anyway. I'm still waiting for my blood test results and pap smear results. Why the heck to they call it a pap smear, does anything sound so gross? It really is just painful cervix stabbing. that's what they should call it.

I'm feeling a lot less worried and stressed about everything. Worrying about whether or not i'm getting this new job is a fine distraction.

Period should be starting tomorrow or the next few days, looking forward to peeing on those stupid ovulation test things despite the fact that PCOS can interfere with the results. grrrrr.

So i put that little fishy gaget/widget whatever thing at the top of this blog. I have a terrible fish fear. But there's something so calming about watching the fish chase after my cursor and nibbling the fish noms. I find it soothing, maybe you will too.

I'll keep you all posted on the test results and everything and what horrible drug cocktails i'll have to take to fix any problems they find.

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