Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PCOS Abounds

So i think i've mentioned before that my brother's wife has PCOS and has been having crazy trouble getting pregnant.

Apparently, Hubbs' sister also has PCOS. She has a kid already who turned 2 last week. Apparently she's pregnant again! Hurray for having a new niece/nephew on the way. Something about finding out that another IF is pregnant makes you all happy and giddy and wonder and the magical world of possibilities instead of the horrifying land of IF. However when "fertiles" (as i'm discovering in the IF community are people who just pop out kids like it's their job with no help from science are called) announce their pregnancy you feel like the universe it taunting you and laughing in your face.

Still waiting for test results... it's been a week, so i'll just call the doctor's office and annoy them until they give me the results. seriously, they hardly ever call, i have to like, phone stalk them to find out. super annoying. But i like them, and at this point i'm too lazy to switch doctors, i've been at that clinic for a year now. All the nurses/assistants know me and like me and i like everyone there.

Here's to hoping it's good news and that's why they haven't called.... yea... i'm sure the universe will be that nice to me. lol.

Oh, funny thing, so last night i had a dream where i was trying to take a pregnancy test, but i accidentally peed on an ovulation tester thing instead. I was so mad. Then the ovulation test results were all weird and horribly confusing. It involved different colored lasers going through a maze on the paper. Then you had to mail it off to a lab for the results. The whole time i was trying to decipher the results i was really just sad/mad because i wouldn't have enough pee for the pregnancy test and would have to wait for tomorrow morning. Nice to know i can't even get away from IF land even in my dreams. :/

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