Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sims.

So i decided to play the Sims 3, cause i love building all of the little houses and making everything awesome. I made a cute little sim me, and a cute little sim Hubbs. That evil wench got pregnant on the first try!! wtf universe!!?!! Although that's what i get for playing 3, versus the first sims, cause people don't get pregnant in that one, the babies just get delivered to your house by magic once you decide to have one. Ahh, the joys of computer games.

Anyways, today was day 3 of ovulation testing, and i finally managed not to spill pee all over myself. good job me! way to be awesome!

The last week i've had 2 nosebleeds. Now, i used to have them all the time when i was a kid living in Albuquerque, something about the high altitude and the air being very dry. Where we live now, we're really high up as well. But as an adult, and knowing that nosebleeds can also be caused by spikes in blood pressure, i'm kinda worried. I guess i can go back to the doctor and talk about it, but i'm pretty sure my BP shouldn't be spiking when i first wake up in the morning... right?

Also the last 2-3 days i've been getting those twinges of pain in the region of Righty and Lefty. Not quite sure what to think about that. I guess these are all things to bring up at my next appointment. Which probably won't be till next week cause i have to go back for a followup anyway. Kinda wish i could go back to the times before i saw my doctor more than any of my friends or family... oh well. The price i pay for wanting a little joy bundle.

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