Monday, September 12, 2011

Was That Really a Period?

So my period finally came, like, 3 days late and lasted for only 3 days. It was also super light, but heavy enough to make me think it's not that implantation bleeding thing everyone is always talking about. I guess i really shouldn't complain. Bah, anyways, in about 2 weeks i start doing the ovulation testers to check to see if/when i'm ovulating.

Prenatal vitamins still taste like ass, although i've figured out if i pour one into the cap, i never have to touch it and get stink-fingers. Also, i sip some beverage before popping that sucker in my mouth and try to swallow it before it hits my tongue. Surely drug companies could come up with a way to make them not taste flipping terrible! We need to invent this, who's with me?

Hubbs has been so incredibly sweet lately. I love the little things he's doing to show how much he loves and supports me during all of this. Especially when i turn into a raging bitch-monster for no apparent reason. He's always sure to tell me how much he loves me no matter what happens and that he'll be there for me 100% during all of this. Even if that means jizzing in a cup. lol. That is totally true love right there. He really has been so amazingly sweet and i am incredibly thankful to have such a wonderful husband.

Hubbs' other sister is now worried she might have PCOS as well, she's gonna run the full gambit of tests next week, so keep your fingers crossed for her. I'm hoping she's not gonna have to go through all of this crap with the rest of us. She and i are also gonna start working out together, which i'm really looking forward to. I couldn't see Hubbs doing fat-burn pilates with me. lol. That and our living room is way too small for 2 of us to try working out at the same time anyway.

I'm trying very hard to keep up a positive frame of mind. It's hard though, reading all of the things about insulin resistance diets and how some say to always combine carbs with a protein, and others get all specific and say you can have a maximum of 30g of carbs in combination with at least 14g of protein every 2 hours. When trying to make my cereal yesterday that equated to 1/2cup of raisin bran and 1/2cup of milk. Needless to say after that i was still obnoxiously hungry. It's also hard to think that fruit is bad now cause of all of the sugar. Um, it's fruit, wtf? At least i've been better about eating my veggies and if i have a sammich i make it with whole wheat bread and slap more veggies on it than cheese and turkey. But still, it's definitely really hard to switch to and i am trying, so i suppose that's a start.

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