Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls

So i baked some cinnamon rolls today. It's been a long time since i've home-baked anything besides cookies. I forgot how great fresh-baked goodness makes the house smell. Baking used to calm me and help me relax, after i went to culinary school, i lost that love of it. It was nice to feel productive in the kitchen, even though i make dinner every night, baking is just something better. I feel like it is done with more love, if that makes any sense. lol.

I'm trying to be good about my carbs, i even substituted half of the regular flour with whole wheat flour. I'm still not doing to great at balancing the carbs and the protein, maybe that will just take more practice.

I still really want a dog. I have Hubbs convinced to let me get one, now it's just a matter of us both having jobs. I have another interview this week and hopefully this one goes well. Well, better than the last one anyway. Which apparently went great, but they had "too many qualified people" or whatever. Seems like a load of crap to me. Job hunting when going through treatment for IF is not the greatest feeling in the world. You already have all of these doubts about yourself and slightly hurty self esteem... and then getting rejected from jobs makes you feel even more depressed about yourself.

I shall try to be more optimistic though, let my shiny happy personality shine through all of the pain. Thankfully Hubbs is still being incredibly supportive and loving. I really have no idea what i would do without him. I so love that man.

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