Saturday, September 17, 2011


Man i feel like i have to pee a lot. I can barely make it through the night without feeling like my bladder is going to burst when i first wake up in the morning. WTF? i swear if i have another UTI i'm gonna hurt someone. lol. I had one a few months ago and did a round of antibiotics, then had one a couple of months later and they put me on cipro to kill the sucker. Really really don't wanna have one again, they are super annoying.

Not much to report over here. Still taking all of my pills every day. Have finally managed the art of swallowing the prenatals before they hit my tongue so i don't taste the grossness. Hubbs and i are still looking for new jobs. If we don't get a bite soon, we're just gonna have to sell our housing contract and move back in with my parents. SUPER LAME, but on the bright side, we would have zero stress about money and i would get to start school sooner than we'd planned. Which i think would be awesome. I'm so tired of waiting for the next phase of our lives to start. School would be a welcome distraction. I'm planning on going back to be a certified Veterinary Assistant and then after that program is over, i can go back for the Veterinary Technician. Essentially, it's the equivalent of being a nurse, but only for animals. It is gonna be epic.

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