Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Faint Pink Line

So i started ovulation testing again, and today there was totally a faint pink line! i know that still makes it negative, but still, there was totally a second line! this is exciting to me. lol.

Nothing much has been going on here. Not much to report really. I still can't orgasm, despite being off the bad antidepressants. On week 6 of my Vitamin D treatment, still taking my metformin every day. Twice a day. One thing though, i still feel crazy hungry all the time. It feels like i'm straddling the obnoxiously thin line between starving and puking. good times?

Hubbs is still being awesome. I know how much he loves me cause he let me go see Final Destination 5 last night. lol. He hates horror movies, and horror movies are my weakness. I love them with a crazy passion. So off i went to my awesome movie whilst he continued marathoning the Office. He's been laughing his ass off to it, which makes me happy, cause if there's one thing i love, it's seeing him smile.

So i shall continue peeing in the cup and monitoring for ovulation. And then! i have an excuse to get my husband to do me like, 3 days in a row. lol. Totally looking forward to that. =)

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