Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Pink Lines.

There was a faint pink line again today! oh what does it mean? does that mean there's an LH presence, but not enough to count as a "surge" yet? perhaps a trip down google lane is worth it in this case, maybe i'll do that after this. lol.

So a friend told me a story today about one of her friends. Apparently she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for a long while, and had several miscarriages. Now she's in her first trimester with twins and her husband has decided he no longer wants to be married to her and threw her out of the house. WOW. super depressing. Apparently though now she's all set up in a new apartment and is absolutely loving her life. Props to her. I probably would have been a sobbing, blithering mess marathoning Jane Austen adaptation movies and yelling at the screen.

Hubbs' sister announced her pregnancy to another IF couple last night while we were over for ice cream. (she's currently in week 8 and doing awesome btw) After they left she worried the IF wife was gonna go home and cry. Normally, when pregnancies are announced, that's my first reaction too... but when it's another IF announcing it, i can't help but feel happy and hopeful. I mean, if they can do it, so can i! Unlike when a fertile announces it and i just wanna curl in a puddle and cry.

I dunno. I'll just keep doing my testing and have lots of wild monkey sex around ovulation time and hope for the best. Wish us luck.

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