Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My head still hurts like heck, i'm pretty sure i took one too many pain pills for it an now feel kind of nauseated. But hey, i managed to get a daily blog in just under the wire. Hurray for me.
In other exciting news, Hubbs and i are BOTH starting school again in January. I already have a bachelor's and he needs to finish his first one. I figure hey, what's 4 more years, right? I'm kind of tired of crappy, no skills required jobs, and would like to do something awesome. I'm deciding between Mining Engineering or Forensic Science (a field apparently which is like, 80% women).
Reapplied to school today and i'm gonna go meet with an advisor tomorrow. This is great. I have been feeling like going back to school, i just needed some direction. Totally looking forward to it. Wish us luck!
Also, this doesn't mean that baby-making is going on the back burner, oh no no. We'll be trying for that as well. The timing will just have to be great. lol. Like arrange it so the baby will be due during winter break, or summer vacation or something.... yea.... oh well. If i have to take a semester off cause i get knocked up, so be it.
A friend once said it very well, "i'm gonna turn 30 anyway, i might as well be doing something i love" I'm definitely taking that to heart here. I dislike currently being 3 years out of college and having nothing to show for it. I'm have jobs that kids right out of high school can get. It's kind of depressing. This way, i'll have skills that are actually in demand. People will be begging me to work for them. It'll be awesome. (this might be wishful thinking, but i don't care. everyone needs a little hope every once in a while)
And now i feel like i'm gonna puke again. it's back to laying down for me. =/

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