Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ok so i Lied. lol.

I wound up selling my laptop whilst on vacation. So i didn't post every day. Way to fail me! way to fail.

We spent the rest of vacation doing everything in our power to not spend any money. We went o the Coke Bottle, the M&M's store, the Ethel M Factory, the Pinball Hall of Fame, and the Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace. We printed a coupon for the last one, so that's what made it free. lol.

We got Gibbs groomed so he actually looks like a poodle now, which is awesome. Hubbs was like "wait, is that my dog? are you sure that's my dog?" He was so cute.

Also, at the auto collections, i fell in love... too bad i can't afford the price tag. Something in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range.

Now Hubbs and i are back home. Health insurance is supposed to kick in this month, just in time to start a Clomid cycle. yay? Another thing i've been wondering about is how much it would be to get Hubbs' swimmers tested. My company doesn't include insurance for him. I guess we could wait until he gets a job and has insurance of his own. He has a second interview/training this weekend and then an interview for a different job on monday. I really hope he gets at least one of them, it would take a whole lot of stress out of everything. Selling my laptop definitely helped with the financial stress.

In other news, we might be trading our car in for something with 4-wheel drive. It's gonna start snowing here pretty soon and we want something that will allow us to drive a bit more safely. Our current car really didn't hold up too well last year. According to my father, the absolute best day to buy a car is December 31st. Cause salespeople are nervous about hitting their quotas and will sell you cars for almost anything. We are very eager to test out his theory.

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