Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vegas Day One

So here we are in Vegas. So far this morning i have discovered that my favorite breakfast place has closed, spent way too much money on shoes and clothes for my husband (but it's not our money, so spend away i say!), lounged around reading girly books whilst my husband and father get their fill of sunday football. Good heavens my husband missed watching football.

We have no money. We spent $50 of non-existant money getting here and need it back before 2pm tomorrow or we'll get evicted from our apartment. Super awesome. I'm sure i'll all work out just fine.

Tonight we're going out to dinner with my parents to the delicious and delightful Cheesecake Factory. A favorite of our family, mostly because we don't have any where we live.

Gibbs has been getting along great with the other doggies which is great, it was something i was definitely worried about.

The rest of the week remaining here seems to be planned out. Hopefully we find some time to meet with my good buddy and her husband. I know Hubbs has to be craving some guy time. Guy binding is important or something like that. lol.

The important thing here is that i have done well and am keeping my promise to keep blogging every day in November. Hurray me! Baby steps.

Also, one annoying thing. I really hate when people ask "have you lost weight?" it's kind of a douchebaggy thing to say. It's like hey, i thought you were way fatter than you look right now. wtf is that??! it's especially annoying because i've actually gained weight, apparently i just carry it better now or something. LAME. My parents have this awesome way of complementing me in such a way that makes me feel like total crap. Good times.

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