Monday, November 7, 2011

Headaches and Horribleness

I've really just been feeling like complete crap lately. My head is aching like crazy, my ears hurt, my neck is sore... why can't it all just go away? I'm almost out of the fancy painkillers that Male Doctor gave me for my giant cyst on Lefty.

The one comforting thing so far is that Gibbs has been coming up to me and asking for lots of loving. Which is great, cause i love affection when i'm feeling all sickly.

I have also decided that i'm going to stray from proper capitalization because this is more of a stream of consciousness thing and it's easier... and i'm lazy.

Since i am feeling like a carrier monkey today, probably going to cut it out for today. But i shall relish in my small victory of actually posting 2 days in a row despite the fact that nothing exciting has happened.

In an unrelated note, i am craving sushi something fierce. Wonder what it'll take to convince Hubbs to let me get some... i'm guessing bribery. lol.

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  1. hi there- saw your link on NaBloPoMo and came over to check out your blog. Fellow IF struggler here with you. Thinking of you, and hoping you feel better soon (and get some sushi!)