Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crimson Wave of Terror

I like how like, 3 days after i waste money on a pregnancy test, my period slaps me in the face. Seriously. So rude! How dare you, period! so mean! I feel like it's crazy heavier than normal and i've just run out of tampons. Always fun. Have to wait till monday to buy some more. That or i guess i could make Hubbs go buy some (although i did promise him that i would never make him do that). anyways. I've just been working to distract myself from the disappointment of failed cycles. It was hard today, passing out free toys and giving a bajillion children cupcakes. Seeing all of the tiny adorable babies everywhere.
It's been kind of rough, but i've seriously been trying to just buck up and deal with it. I've felt like crying less, so that's also a good sign i am certain.
Looking forward to visiting my parents here in a few weeks. They always try to murder us with overfeeding. Can't wait for them to meet little Gibbs though. Our dog is seriously precious and i know they will just fall in love with him just like we have.

Here he is on Halloween looking all adorable.

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