Sunday, November 20, 2011


So apparently i forgot to blog yesterday. way to fail me, way to fail.

After what seemed like an endless day at work where i felt incredibly ill for the last 4 hours of it, i drove home. This took, not the 10 minutes it usually does, but a whopping 45 mins. I got home incredibly cranky and tired and loaded down with groceries. Luckily, there was a nice guy in the parking lot who helped me carry some of it up to the apartment.

Hubbs and i just sat around watching the office and not doing anything productive at all. It was a lovely evening. lol.

I work today too. Not gonna get home till 7:30 apparently. Hubbs is going to make dinner. I'm a little excited about that. He's gonna make yummy things, i am certain.

Insurance cards have yet to come in. I am starting to doubt whether they are going to! I start Job #1 on monday. A bit nervous, don't really feel very trained, maybe there will be some on the job training or something. I dunno.

Gibbs has been absolutely adorable lately. He wants to cuddle with me a lot, which makes me happy. That little furball just lights up my day! Hubbs and i have taken to calling him our furbaby. lol.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week i am working double shifts. DOUBLE SHIFTS. I am clearly a crazy person. One is a required training, but the other two i stupidly volunteered for. Seriously, what kind of idiot actually volunteers to work at a retail store on black friday?!?!

Hubbs and i are dropping by our college on monday to finish up the financial aid paperwork and get our ID's and stuff. I have to fill out the "change your major" paperwork as well. I'm kind of nervous about going back to school, but i'm sure it'll be great. My transcripts came today from my other school Holy crap are they thick! lol. A whole $0.53 to mail! that's like, 10 pages or something crazy like that.

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