Saturday, November 12, 2011

Early Morning Post Time

Today is gonna be a crazy packed and busy day. I'll be working till 4:30 then heading straight home to throw stuff in the car and drive for 6 hours to Vegas. Since usually when i get off work, my legs feel like they're gonna fall off and die, i wonder what i'd have to do to convince Hubbs to drive the whole way.

I packed everything last night and for the first time ever, couldn't fit everything in one bag. I consider myself thegrand master of packing. I toured Europe for a month with just a single backpack. and not a special backpack, like for camping, just a normal one. This same bag refused to fit all of my stuff for this trip. wtf?!?! So Hubbs and i are taking 3 bags. Which if you think about it, is way too many bags for a 4 day trip. I've turned into one of "those people" who takes way too many bags and never needs them all. I hate those people.

I'm posting too early to see the bloggy prompt for today. So i guess that's it. I will try my best to post while on mini-vacation. =)

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