Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Health Insurance

Hurray my new health insurance cards came in. Effective as of 12/1/11. Awesome. This means that we should be able to start clomid with my december cycle. Happy joy joy! This means i just might be able to fulfill my dream of having a kid born on 2/29. lol.

Today turned out to be not as long of a day as originally planned. We got to practice restraints, defensive moves, and holds. After struggling against restraints for like an hour i was super tired and sore. lol. Definitely one of the more fun educational things i've done lately.

Hubbs and i went to campus on monday and made appointments with our advisors. So after the 6th i should be able to register for classes and be all excited for january when school starts.

I like seeing this whole wide world of possibilities. I'm starting to feel way more optimistic, this totally makes me a happy panda. =)


  1. I'm glad that you got your new health insurance cards. How did it all go? I love your positive spirit, good vibes! There are a lot of infertility treatments these days that you can try. In case one fails, you can always opt for other methods for conceiving. =)

    -Elnora Cowger

  2. Yea things didn't go that well, clomid basically did nothing for my egg-hogging ovaries and we were referred to an R.E. Unfortunately, I then left that position and no longer qualify for anything other than the "high risk pool" for insurance due to my now preexisting condition of being infertile. Funny the way that works out. lol. Hubbs and I have decided not to pursue any further fertility treatments and are now starting the adoption process. So wish us luck with that!

    Thanks for posting! Comments are always appreciated!

  3. @Elnora, my health insurance plan covers infertility treatment, and it really helped me a lot to deal with all the fertility medication costs during the time that I was getting all the treatments that I needed. Having a health insurance with infertility coverage is really helpful especially to those couples who can’t afford to finance fertility treatment on their own. This will somehow give them hope that they can still fulfill their dreams of having a baby. :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! =) Getting a new health insurance is certainly an incredible feeling! I just got mine last week, and I just can’t contain my joy! :D Health insurance is just a real life blessing that can help me protect my financial assets, plus it helps to promote my own health and wellness. =)