Friday, November 11, 2011

Super Sore

Had a long day at work today my feet and lower back are killing me yet again. If i didn't think feet were totally gross (even my own) i would so ask Hubbs for a foot massage. Maybe i can sucker him in to giving me a back rub. Got offered a shift at my other job starting the 28th. And starting school in January. Man i am a busy busy bee. How will we ever find time to fit in Clomid cycles and baby-making?!?!

Leaving for Vegas tomorrow after work. I will make every effort to blog while we're on our mini-vacation. Don't know how possible it will be since i'm not bringing my computer. I guess i could bring my laptop (which is a total piece of crap, it's 6 years old and runs like a dinosaur and occasionally crashes) yes, laptop bringing it shall be. Since i'm pretty sure there isn't a blogger app for blackberry yet.

So even when school does start, i plan on keeping my weekend job. It's part time, pays decently, and includes benefits. Not something a lot of jobs have nowadays.

I went to bed at 8:30 last night. That is so pathetic. I've just been feeling so tired and rundown lately. I can't seem to shake this cold i have either. grrrrr. Hopefully it all clears up soon. Usually getting out of town for a few days is good for me. Recharges the batteries and all that.

Oh, in other news, Hubbs and i almost got evicted today. good times. We paid like, half of our rent and were waiting to pay the other half when i get paid. Normally the apartment complex is pretty lenient about that sort of thing. But apparently they've now decided to be giant dicks about it. They also refuse to let us pay them half of the rest today and half of the rest on monday. NONO it must ALL be paid at the same time. In case they forgot, today is an effing holiday and all of the banks are closed. We couldn't even pay you the full amount today if we wanted to. Seriously, a huge bunch of dicks. Luckily they have given us till monday to pay. Goodness gracious, now we want to move out of here even more.

You'd think i'd be a giant ball of stress with everything that's been going on lately. But no. I'm kinda kind of relaxing and going with the flow. Sure that means i might drown in this river of doom that we're currently floating down... but i'm sure someone will throw me a life-ring of whatever those stupid things they have near pools and ships are called. And of course, i have Hubbs with me, which is nice, he makes me laugh even when things are horrible, which is one of the better qualities one could wish for in a partner. He has a job interview/training thing when we get back from Vegas too. So keep your fingers crossed for that. He's been unemployed for almost a year now, and it would be amazing to not have to be the sole breadwinner. Especially because even with 2 jobs, i still don't make enough to support us right now. Once i start that new shift at the end of the month maybe it'll be possible, but definitely not now.

Maybe i'll get lucky in Vegas like i did last time. I won $250 at bingo last time i was there. It was super awesome. Hubbs also has crazy great luck when it comes to those stupid penny slot things. For serious. lol.

Also, since it is 11/11/11, an awesome day that comes around once every hundred(?) years. NaBloPoMo's prompt of the day is to make 3 wishes. So wishing starts now! lol.

1. I wish that some day eventually, Hubbs and i are able to have a child of our very own (whether that means biologically, adopting, whatever, we don't care, we just want to one day be parents)

2. That we find some direction in life, and that we are both able to find jobs that we enjoy and we find fulfilling.

3. That we are blessed enough to continue love each other a little more every day, and never take that love for granted.

Those might be cheesy wishes. But gorramit, they're my awesome wishes. Now to just find a genie to make those wishes come true. (although, i do have a wish ready if i ever do find a genie lamp, it's that every time i go to pay for something, i magically have exact change to pay for it, feel free to steal that one, it's awesome) I chose not to include that one in my NaBloPoMo wishes, because the wishes i made are a little more realistic. lol.

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